E-Commerce Logistics

We enable B2B2C customers to maneuver their first-haul transportation, warehousing management and local distribution services through the system

First-haul Transportation: Sea Freight、Air Freight、Land Transportation、Express Delivery or intermodal end-to-end distribution of merchandise

Warehousing Management: Through the logistics information system, customers and foreign merchants can remotely control GFE warehousing goods and replenish their inventory in real time monitoring.

Warehousing Services: By transmitting online orders from merchant platform via intelligent application programming interface,  a one-stop service includes warehousing management, sorting, packaging and delivery to be accomplished

Local distribution services: Based on the customer’s network information matching to complete the merchant order distribution service

Last Mile Delivery

GFast Express has its own diligent Driver Apps which ensures all merchants are delivered to doorstep on time. 
  • Distribution (local delivery service/within the same city)
  • Courier Express 
  • Bulk Delivery 
  • Express Pallet

E-Fulfillment Service

A service platform for sellers or merchants in the e-commerce market, enabling logistics (3PL) companies to fulfill customer orders for e-commerce retailers.
In line with today’s e-marketplace trend, we manage the volume of orders effectively and provide support for Internet retailers through online stores and e-commerce platforms to ensure that all orders are fulfilled when they are ready to be shipped.
We work hand in hand with customers to create a customized cloud technology warehousing and transportation network management system when outsourcing fulfillment service has been assigned to us. This will reduce the transportation cost and ensure efficient delivery of goods.
Our order fulfillment service is responsible for inventory management, as well as picking, packaging and transportation of goods. This is an ideal choice if you are a small business owner. As your third-party logistics service provider, you can expect our operation center to provide excellent customer service for your e-commerce store.

Cross Border Logistics

We provide an online trading between companies (retailers or brand owners) and consumers (B2C). We also provide a platform for brand owners or business owners (B2B) or consumer to reach out their consumers (C2C).

Cross-border Fulfillment Service (International)

International trade, order and billing processing services

  • Collection of payment for international trade cross-border e-commerce orders to overseas suppliers
  • Collection of payment for international trade/cross-border e-commerce company 
  • We proceed import and export commodity permit
Cross-border Delivery Service
  • We commit to provide value-added services
  • Consistently provide standardize delivery service
  • Provide efficiency and quality customer services 
  • Work together with our customers to meet their delivery needs 
  • Tailor-make any special courier needs of our customer 
  • International trading/express delivery transit service

Smart Conveyor: An Automatic Conveyor System

E-commerce Distribution Conveyor & Handling Solutions

Parcels move along a conveyor at a JD.com Inc. delivery station in Beijing, China, on Tuesday, April 14, 2020. JD, China's closest analog to Amazon.com Inc., already serves more than 360 million people -- surpassing the U.S. population. Xu Lei, chief executive officer of JD's retail division, now hopes to extend its presence on social media and investing in hot new areas like grocery delivery. Photographer: Giulia Marchi/Bloomberg

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