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Freight Forwarding

GFast Express has its own transshipment warehouses in Guangzhou and Yiwu, China. As a large local cross-border logistics company in Malaysia, our main service includes:

LCL (Less than Container Load) Shipping.

FCL (Full Container Load) Shipping.


Drop Shipping.

Sea and Air Freight.

Import and Export Custom Clearance.

Warehousing Logistics.

Warehousing Loading and Unloading.

Unstuffing and Delivery.

Land Transportation.

Order Fulfillment Purchase.

Online Payment and Receiving Service.

E-commerce Logistics


E-commerce Order Fulfillment and Packaging.

Last Mile Delivery & One-stop Door to Door Service.

E-Commerce Logistics

We enable B2B2C customers to maneuver their first-haul transportation, warehousing management and local distribution services through the system

First-haul Transportation: Sea Freight, Air Freight, Land Transportation, Express Delivery or intermodal end-to-end distribution of merchandise.

Warehousing Management: Through the logistics information system, customers and foreign merchants can remotely control GFE warehousing goods and replenish their inventory in real time monitoring.

Warehousing Services: By transmitting online orders from merchant platform via intelligent application programming interface, a one-stop service includes warehousing management, sorting, packaging and delivery to be accomplished.

Local distribution services: Based on the customer's network information matching to complete the merchant order distribution service.

Smart Conveyor System: E-commerce Distribution Conveyor & Handling Solutions.

E-fulfillment Service: A service platform for sellers or merchants in the e-commerce market, enabling logistics (3PL) companies to fulfill customer orders for e-commerce retailers. Our order fulfillment service is responsible for inventory management, as well as picking, packaging and transportation of goods. This is an ideal choice if you are a small business owner. As your third-party logistics service provider, you can expect our operation center to provide excellent customer service for your e-commerce store.

Last Miles Delivery: GFAST Express has its own diligent Driver Apps which ensures all merchants are delivered to doorstep on time.

Cross-Border E-Logistics: We provide an online trading between companies (retailers or brand owners) and consumers (B2C). We also provide a platform for brand owners or business owners (B2B) or consumer to reach out their consumers (C2C).

Warehousing Service

We are specialized and equipped with logistics knowledge to serve our customers with the best warehousing management experience.

Standard operating procedures of modernizing warehousing.

Efficient in and out of warehouse management of e-commerce goods .

Repackaging and palletizing.

Quality control.

Intelligent inventory management.

Order tracking, sorting and packing.

Warehousing Logistics, Devanning and Delivery Service, and Land Transportation Service.

Packaging Fulfillment, Smart Inventory Management, and Local Delivery Service.

Automatic Conveyor System.

Ordering, inventory storage and warehousing management.

Using the intelligent system located between the conveyor belt machine and the sorting line, to measure weight, scanning barcode and dimension automatically. Our system will upload information data into e-commerce platform, delivery express and logistics management system in real-time implementation

Value Added Service

Freight Forwarding

We have exclusive logistics / international consultants to provide our customers the most fitting solutions, enable them to develop and expand products delivery model to Southeast Asia and the rest of the world.

Odd sizes shipment (transportation via air, land, sea).

Line haul fleet service (Within West Malaysia).

Undertake customer's project cargo.

E-Commerce Logistics

 Using our system to operate sorting and scheduling services easily.
We provide intelligent logistics management for the online and offline (O2O) e-commerce platform integration.

Sortation services (via our LMS system with labeling and tracking functions). Using our system to operate sorting and scheduling services easily.

API linkage integration: GFAST Express system can be linked with customer e-commerce platform, allows customer order being transmitted into our system automatically.

Cloud Billing Function: Allow customers to search for monthly bills, historical transactions, and expenses breakdowns anytime, anywhere

Warehousing Service

Provide China transshipment warehouse service

Provide China transshipment warehouse service Provide cross-border e-commerce warehousing service at overseas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please note to sign off the consignment note with remark and contact customer service within 24 hours, attach a screenshot of the product order, including the parcel photo/ value of parcel/ consignment note number/ the overall photo of package’s outer box/ photo of damaged goods, etc. to facilitate our investigation.

Please provide a screenshot of the product order, including the parcel photo/ value of parcel/ consignment note number and the overall photo of package’s outer box, etc. and feedback to the customer service within 24 hours after signing off the consignment note. Once overdue, it will not be entertained.

Heavy industry or construction materials are heavily weighted or very large in size. These types of cargo are determined by the type and size considering the characteristics of the cargo. These bulk cargoes are transported in many ways depending on nature of the cargo. Please contact your sales representative at cs@gfastexpress56.com

The following are general items of import restrictions: ① Drugs, foreign wild animals, money, medicines, weapons including guns and swords, parts of human body (organs, etc.), explosives, combustible hazardous materials, etc. ② Items regulated or controlled by related laws such as Strategic Goods Control Act ③ Other items of import restriction or control stipulated in Customs Act. For further information about the items, please contact the company at cs@gfastexpress56.com

In general, goods that may affect airplanes are not allowed to be transported such as alcohol, tobacco, securities, cash, liquids, flammable materials, weapons, explosives, high pressure gas, flammable liquids, and radioactive materials. For exact information, please contact each airline or company at cs@gfastexpress56.com

Basically, surcharge is an additional charge in regards to the basic rate to recover the extra cost of the airliners due to unexpected events when calculating the rate. Fuel surcharge is an additional shipping charge imposed on each passenger and cargo due to the increase in transportation costs when the price of jet fuel rises due to the surge in international oil prices.

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